Each time we don’t say what we wanna say, we’re dying.
Yoko Ono (via tunadeluna)

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May you live every day of your life.
Jonathan Swift (via kushandwizdom)

"I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that.”
- Charles Bukowski

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Loving someone so much is absolutely terrifying.

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.
I Wrote This For You  (via 5000letters)

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Not even feelin blue but Patsy Cline has been on repeat all weekend.

Here’s my cover of Crazy :)

When I am with you, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. And I am a person who always wants to be somewhere else.
David Levithan  (via fabulousbitch69)

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My gentle giant 🐶

Anonymous asked:
You're beautiful. Your boyfriend is one lucky guy

Aw thank you! I like to think we’re both very fortunate to have found each other :)